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The New Black Panther Party makes a statement.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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꧁ Judicator ꧂
꧁ Judicator ꧂ 3 soat oldin
King of Photo Bombing.
christopher Ayers
christopher Ayers 2 kun oldin
Ladi Day
Ladi Day 2 kun oldin
This needs to be shared all over ,
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams 3 kun oldin
Peele’s facial expressions...he ain’t right! Too hilarious 😅😂🤣
United snakes of America 💀💀
Rita Gameiro
Rita Gameiro 4 kun oldin
Sorry I didn't get it 😩 cultural references are hard to grasp.
Central jersey Railfan 104
Central jersey Railfan 104 4 kun oldin
I don’t respect the KKK I don’t respect the The racist new black panthers but I respect this this is hilarious.
Ed J
Ed J 4 kun oldin
Not related to the video at all, but it is sad how many people believe the Black Panthers group was peaceful...
Animals 5 kun oldin
Reform African American culture. It's needed desperately
Yahudah71 Yisrael
Yahudah71 Yisrael 5 kun oldin
Not funny at all...
Pragma Cpp
Pragma Cpp 5 kun oldin
We third class! Lol :-D
GT 4real
GT 4real 5 kun oldin
Shouldn't try to make fun of political movements , people died for us in them , you are desensitizing equal rights .
Duke 4 kun oldin
Relax and learn learn to laugh with the nation.
LifeIsNotorious 5 kun oldin
The Original Black Panther Party never could stand the New Black Panther Party.
Brett Abey
Brett Abey 5 kun oldin
Is this a history lesson?
Cori Chin
Cori Chin 6 kun oldin
Took me a solid 20 seconds to realize what was going on
MasterStepz9 •
MasterStepz9 • 6 kun oldin
Great example of the some people knowing how to maintain the image of the cause, without extensive knowledge of the cause.
Claire Marie Calusin
Claire Marie Calusin 6 kun oldin
I just remembered the sketch when Jordan’ doesn’t want attention as an audience lol 😂
Bieassia Law
Bieassia Law 7 kun oldin
“Oh me no I’m good” ... *in a Deep voice* 😂
Frank Taylor
Frank Taylor 7 kun oldin
Mrs Aye'
Mrs Aye' 8 kun oldin
400 years
Atlas 8 kun oldin
Peeles revenge from the gay camera
martin mertz
martin mertz 8 kun oldin
i never know where there going but its always funny , wicked smart comedy
Angel Troy
Angel Troy 8 kun oldin
The tiresome attraction crucially tip because factory symptomatically challenge minus a careless authorization. third, dashing community
Unbiased Tobias
Unbiased Tobias 8 kun oldin
I get the feeling he’s trying to send us a “MESSAGE” on the low
Noah C
Noah C 8 kun oldin
"Fun" fact: there is an actual New Black Panther Party.....they're more or less what the original BPP was stereotyped as back in the day. Here's their Wikipedia article in case you want to learn more:
Jeremy Lawson
Jeremy Lawson 9 kun oldin
So gay and so lame
Rhythmicons 9 kun oldin
This looks like it was done in a single take. I need to know how who the editing wizard is.
Joe BoomBots
Joe BoomBots 9 kun oldin
Sadly, the black panther party was destroyed by CIA, they literally flooded west coast, east coast with high quality cheap drugs. And used people from the community to push the poison.
Jason's Corner
Jason's Corner 9 kun oldin
OMG really, is this funny at all? when the guy came on the screen sideways, i had to stop. WOW comedy is horrible. TV is garbage. Lord save us
TheOne Alan
TheOne Alan 9 kun oldin
Damn, United Snakes of America 🐍
E39M5SPEED 9 kun oldin
Is that the BLM movement?
xl 9 kun oldin
same plot as Town Hall Audience Member
Randy Obama
Randy Obama 9 kun oldin
First of all, we as a nation need to admit that blacks were treated badly and educate the accurate history of African Americans to American public. Like I exposed Bush family & CIA cocain distribution and private prisons system. And blacks also need to stop hating themselves and the rest of this unfair and cruel world and live in the presence without forgetting the past. Simply move on with a positive attitude. Now.. Blacks need to accumulate wealth within back communities and increase the percentage of its middle class through black ownerships and better infrastructures like hospitals and education within black communities. That is my opinion.
Heena Naz
Heena Naz 10 kun oldin
"United Snakes of America"
Kris Shaw
Kris Shaw 10 kun oldin
That was the rare bad sketch
Overlord Laharl
Overlord Laharl 10 kun oldin
They did and they started attacking asian Americans lol
tywayne3 10 kun oldin
Keep trying to see if there was a cut in the scene on the last two. Did he have on Black Panther's 'sneakers'? Lol
Ken Masters
Ken Masters 10 kun oldin
This is like a rehashed and unfunny version of that "Rap Battle Hype Man" skit. But it's still relatable.
88 Mothership
88 Mothership 10 kun oldin
This shit is disgraceful.
Efren Rios
Efren Rios 10 kun oldin
Y’all used to be funny What happened I guess Dave Chappelle was right when he said this was the bootleg version of chappelle show
Enchmen gas
Enchmen gas 10 kun oldin
So black panther is jokes wonder who but up to them
Pound Trader
Pound Trader 11 kun oldin
he's that guy that have nothing to say but wanna be seen when the cameras are rolling
Huhgang Menace
Huhgang Menace 11 kun oldin
Shit aint funny if its real. Read the room.
Trisha Ferrand
Trisha Ferrand 11 kun oldin
I love how Key can get that hint of a falsetto voice about to crack, that crie de coeur that feels so sincere, naive and immature all at the same time.
Joshua Velazquez
Joshua Velazquez 11 kun oldin
Matthew Estrada
Matthew Estrada 11 kun oldin
400 years?? The US is only 244 years old....
Shanti 10 kun oldin
So what you trying say....we lying huh....huh! .....LOL! :)
Shep 5X
Shep 5X 11 kun oldin
I don’t know how to feel about this one
SmoothView 11 kun oldin
This is deep, I get from this clip.... everyone wanna be apart of the right until it’s your turn to speak up and lead.
黑佛 12 kun oldin
SeekTheGreatness 12 kun oldin
I keep thinking Keegan is gonna say "You know what? You have four.seconds to stop that nonsense" to Peele 😂
James Allen
James Allen 12 kun oldin
Wrong content for these two.
Black Girl Magic
Black Girl Magic 12 kun oldin
This is disrespectful
WJen8 13 kun oldin
Me when I'm watching other people play chess in the park but don't actually want to play them:
broku 1984
broku 1984 13 kun oldin
Stop killing each other
Joseph Cannata
Joseph Cannata 13 kun oldin
Typical whining from liberals
Angelily Ch.
Angelily Ch. 14 kun oldin
John Brown
John Brown 14 kun oldin
This is about what the black community thinks of creating a para military force. We’re American and we have a military and we won’t be excluded from it.
Seph Sakem
Seph Sakem 14 kun oldin
Let's Joke About The Truth.... 😁😂
Diener Der Kunst
Diener Der Kunst 14 kun oldin
love it!
Hybrid Prince.
Hybrid Prince. 14 kun oldin
Lol the whole time he’s focusing on the camera ‘ oh no I’m good, lol
Odell Hicks
Odell Hicks 14 kun oldin
“United snakes of amerikkk” 😂 on point like a bitch !
The Truth Is Like The Moon and The Sun
The Truth Is Like The Moon and The Sun 14 kun oldin
PEACE BE UPON YOU SISTER: A Muslim Brother would like to share with everyone how “ISLAMOPHOBIA” takes on many forms: and how the “oppressors” and their “Religions” are so confused that we are referred to as “we can easily be confused foe THOSE PEOPLE” : this is why operation 45 Hired #GMJ AND #NFAC: the parallels between both communities don’t exist. They are the same. If you listen to these words: ISLAMOPHOBIA for 4 years: genocide and ethnocide: we are going to court. Life is eternal. Wake up from your hate filled “faith” ...please. Brother Yahya ISLAMOPHOBIA AND THE PARALLELS DON’t Exist: ITS OVER
mccoulet 15 kun oldin
He was trying so hard to not laugh
jorge rios
jorge rios 15 kun oldin
This skit was fucking lame
Lewis A
Lewis A 15 kun oldin
Finding a new key & peele skit is like findi- ...ok ill stop
S 15 kun oldin
These guys are the best
Bushido Brown
Bushido Brown 15 kun oldin
Keegan trying not to laugh.
kevin rara
kevin rara 15 kun oldin
Yes yes yes Something i haven't watched yet
Satori Seven
Satori Seven 15 kun oldin
I was invested in hearing the speech, until he came in from the side. Got me good lmao
ThisNThat 15 kun oldin
He said ☹️
I take everything literally
I take everything literally 15 kun oldin
How did they even manage that last bit lol. The transition was so fast and he was already there xD
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 15 kun oldin
e 16 kun oldin
লেফাফাদুরস্ত 16 kun oldin
Jordan is me in every group projects
Curtis Thomas
Curtis Thomas 16 kun oldin
"Concerning nonviolence: it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law. In areas where our people are the constant victims of brutality, and the government seems unable or unwilling to protect them, we should form rifle clubs that can be used to defend our lives and our property in times of emergency, such as happened last year in Birmingham; Plaquemine, Louisiana; Cambridge, Maryland; and Danville, Virginia. When our people are being bitten by dogs, they are within their rights to kill those dogs. We should be peaceful, law-abiding-but the time has come for the American Negro to fight back in self-defense whenever and wherever he is being unjustly and unlawfully attacked. If the government thinks I am wrong for saying this, then let the government start doing its job." Malcolm X, 1964.
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 10 kun oldin
What he said ^ you'll have to defend against your own community if you really want results. Blaming the white man when we have literally left you alone to do your own thing won't help you at all. Its your ppl killing your ppl. Its no secret.
Scott 12 kun oldin
bro put down the book and just teach your damn kids to stop being gang bangers and shooting up the neighborhood
hardeep singh
hardeep singh 16 kun oldin
Did any body seen temperature written there its 73 degree lmao
Curtis Thomas
Curtis Thomas 16 kun oldin
The funniest thing is that the Black Panther Party is REALLY needed in current day USA, especially the armed patrols.
Revanth Rao
Revanth Rao 16 kun oldin
Is this funny?
Come with me if you want to lift
Come with me if you want to lift 16 kun oldin
that was way more funny than I was expecting
Crazy Chick Sheena
Crazy Chick Sheena 16 kun oldin
Quivers LMAO 😆 who could take that seriously lol 😂
WarmBeer Gaming Dude
WarmBeer Gaming Dude 16 kun oldin
Rishu 17 kun oldin
Last line was GOOD
MaxPowers2.0 17 kun oldin
How did he pull off those angles though?
Matias Roman
Matias Roman 17 kun oldin
Oh! You mean BLM?
Richard Dangles
Richard Dangles 17 kun oldin
This skit sponsored by the democrat party. #RacialDivision. #Classwarfare
victor e
victor e 17 kun oldin
400 years huh? Yeah, sounds about the level of knowledge of actual black 'activists'
Another Slice
Another Slice 17 kun oldin
liberal projection of black marxism paid for by billionaires
ocljtc 17 kun oldin
Key & Peele are the funniest, must creative, and most original comedy duo I have ever seen. The comedy is hilarious.
Christopher Mendoza
Christopher Mendoza 17 kun oldin
The ending omfg 😂😂😂
Berta Rivera
Berta Rivera 17 kun oldin
Will Smith + The Rock = Key
Redsquare 17 kun oldin
I’m pretty impressed by Key’s ability to dodge all eye contact with the camera
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 18 kun oldin
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E boy / this a whole nother lie / ... You told them to fuck with y'all in brother hood / / and you tried to "Isis" / they ass /./ And just tried to say/ they were gonna blow y'all up / after the brother hood/ but asking why the CIA/ is following y'all/ with them right beside you
Thudothwacker 18 kun oldin
LOL What a bomber! Any angle will do.
life of Chy!
life of Chy! 18 kun oldin
He is so cute
Nishen Lochan
Nishen Lochan 19 kun oldin
Black or white why must we fight. Does the black cow give black milk and the white cow give white milk no they are all cows same with human we are just humans why we gotta fight when there's so much we can do with this energy like stopping poverty this is a mojor plight etc Each other hope one day I can call you my brother.
Akhil Raj
Akhil Raj 19 kun oldin
am i the only one seeing Will smith here
C K 20 kun oldin
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc 20 kun oldin
this is new skit! wow!
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