The Key & Peele Guide to Sports

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Key & Peele covered just about everything in sports, from baseball players slapping ass to ultimate fighters.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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L. A.
L. A. 2 kun oldin
Hingle McCringleberry 😂
andan04 2 kun oldin
Go Rhinos
Rafael Lugo
Rafael Lugo 4 kun oldin
**inhale** *biscuits and gravy* 😒
Living Divinity
Living Divinity 4 kun oldin
3 pumps!
KingASE 6 kun oldin
2:50 "duration and intensity doesn't make a difference" this shit is hilarious
Love Unow
Love Unow 8 kun oldin
They never fail to get a little bit too much.
Jim Settecase
Jim Settecase 10 kun oldin
The stuff these guys come up with is brilliant! Great characters! We want MORE!
Rdoze TV
Rdoze TV 11 kun oldin
Dakota Mccarroll
Dakota Mccarroll 11 kun oldin
Biscuits and gravy
A LR 12 kun oldin
I DISLIKE Sherman ever since he had an angry reaction to a caucasian reporter. BOOO!!! SHERMAN 🤮
Brocko96 12 kun oldin
Evvvvery post game interview ever. When you cook macaroni what kind of cheese do you use? “Yeah you know we have a real good team man, we knew we had to get out there and play. Good team executing and we had a good team.” Lmao
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown 12 kun oldin
Biscuits and gravy.
Calogero Acosta
Calogero Acosta 13 kun oldin
Bro 3:09 my god lmao
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine 13 kun oldin
If you give a shit about who gets awards and they never nominate anyone you like you should probably stop giving a shit. Academy awards to me just tells me that the film was at least reasonably well produced that's about it. Doesn't mean I will enjoy it, doesn't mean it's good it just means that the specific people who voted on it liked it. I mean look at Dicaprio, tonnes of great movies, no awards then he does the revenant a film most people seemed to like but I found boring as hell and he gets an award for that? Not Inception, catch me if you can, the departed. Okay Oscars, we don't have the same taste in films it seems, I will not be listening to your recommendations.
Tarso Diniz
Tarso Diniz 13 kun oldin
12:28 what is that?😯
Ryan Arevalo
Ryan Arevalo 13 kun oldin
3:10 kinda sus wtf lol
Yeya Music
Yeya Music 13 kun oldin
Hingle McCringleberry 😂
Tiago Oliveira de Lucia
Tiago Oliveira de Lucia 14 kun oldin
This is the most complete guide to Handegg that I've ever seen!
Frank Megens
Frank Megens 14 kun oldin
100% 🔥
Thuto Amise
Thuto Amise 14 kun oldin
i love Key and Peele a 100%👌👏they are so biscuits and gravy🔥🔥🔥🔥👊
Rdskinsfan27 15 kun oldin
3:10 Peele wanted it
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 15 kun oldin
donation ad to key n peele vidios, inappropriate
Abacus Maxx
Abacus Maxx 15 kun oldin
Comic Genius😂
Babili Mbetse
Babili Mbetse 15 kun oldin
The player formerly known
The Ancient Tales
The Ancient Tales 16 kun oldin
Clearly unintentional XDDDDDDDD
SharpTheDemon 16 kun oldin
damn this is absolutely incredible
Lil Jaques
Lil Jaques 16 kun oldin
Hayat Mustaqim
Hayat Mustaqim 16 kun oldin
Where's the slap ass? 🤣
Come with me if you want to lift
Come with me if you want to lift 16 kun oldin
that was way more funny than I was expecting
L'étranger 16 kun oldin
*ᵇᶦˢᶜᵘᶦᵗˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵍʳᵃᵛʸ*
Alexander Long
Alexander Long 16 kun oldin
Daniel Fogle
Daniel Fogle 16 kun oldin
Looks like Jordan peels was doing face 100% long before marlon webb even thought it on his Instagram
AR Tushar
AR Tushar 16 kun oldin
Any guys from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
BOB METRI 16 kun oldin
I cried when he pulled out the knife 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
BOB METRI 16 kun oldin
They really be brain washing shit
Clammiest Whale
Clammiest Whale 16 kun oldin
I thought they quit (like stopped their videos)
Geography Now
Geography Now 17 kun oldin
Lego movie...INCONCEIVABLE! 🤣
Sean Fyffe
Sean Fyffe 3 kun oldin
@Tanner Koob wh
Tanner Koob
Tanner Koob 4 kun oldin
@FBI wh
FBI 4 kun oldin
these nuts are inconceivable against your chin
Rafael Lugo
Rafael Lugo 5 kun oldin
**inhale** biscuits and gravy 😒
Sean Fyffe
Sean Fyffe 11 kun oldin
*rick and morty mailman voice* My man!
Jordan Xayavong
Jordan Xayavong 17 kun oldin
Key and Peele please make a parody of, cypress hill insane in the membrane.
Schlomo Baconberg
Schlomo Baconberg 17 kun oldin
Logo movie rocked. Ya, that’s some BS.
Han 17 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣 oh boy
Roboanimator716 17 kun oldin
pov: you probaly came here by the meme "googoo gaagaa i want milk" probaly... my spelling bad
Wan Akid
Wan Akid 17 kun oldin
Never thought to see nigahiga type original content again on youtube
Chris a
Chris a 17 kun oldin
Yall a damn trip
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 17 kun oldin
That last one could be a great movie plot. Two assassins posing as football players and this sketch is the final confrontation.
FBI AGENT 02 17 kun oldin
Marshawn preaching
John Mcdade
John Mcdade 17 kun oldin
I have no words. But if I did I would execute them 100%
craig waring
craig waring 17 kun oldin
Play by play?
capo juan
capo juan 17 kun oldin
100 percent.!
John MC
John MC 17 kun oldin
was he about to fall at 8:45 or something? lmfao
Ghost 2802
Ghost 2802 17 kun oldin
The last clip escalated quickly 😂
ilovefr4nk 17 kun oldin
Thinking about how expensive that football sketch mustve been
Wanya Jones
Wanya Jones 17 kun oldin
Play as a team, execute and give 100% and nothing will stop you from a 3 pump victory towards biscuits and long as you don't have slow-mo that is...
Sinclair 15
Sinclair 15 17 kun oldin
Ozmataz Buckshank
Jackson Wilbanks
Jackson Wilbanks 17 kun oldin
Where slapass?
Melissa Fallen
Melissa Fallen 17 kun oldin
I was thinking... if this is real I am such an asshole for thinking it was fake
O 17 kun oldin
Why don't you guys steal some more of Dave Chappelle's bits
Arzinio Wolfert
Arzinio Wolfert 17 kun oldin
I laughed so much 😊🥰🤗❤❣🎆💯♥️🇱🇺 Biscuits and gravy 😂🤣
Dario Titus
Dario Titus 17 kun oldin
I'm just amazed they had that many unique lines for Jammie-Jammie and Duckings
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli 17 kun oldin
Kill adults not kids man.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli 17 kun oldin
Ur not supposed to do that. Im surprised that went on air.
Koen 17 kun oldin
the lego movie was amazing😂😂
grtch ldy
grtch ldy 17 kun oldin
Love the Hawks bit! And I’m a lifelong Hawks fan!
Oliver Spooner
Oliver Spooner 17 kun oldin
7:40 they were trying so hard not to laugh 😂😂
SuperNan 17 kun oldin
Bring back COACH HINES, please!
adrienne 17 kun oldin
biscuits and gravy.
Tanya Wade
Tanya Wade 17 kun oldin
He made me so hungry 😋.
Quan Gomez
Quan Gomez 17 kun oldin
The Lego movie was so stupid dude I don't I wouldn't even give it a star if I had to be nice I'll give it half
Raxiberri 17 kun oldin
You can really see horror director Jordan Peele in the last one...
HunderNaut 17 kun oldin
These are some awesome HandEgg plays
BINGKA 17 kun oldin
Make racer version😂
BINGKA 17 kun oldin
Joana C. R.
Joana C. R. 17 kun oldin
Ohhhhhh no slap ass!?
Joana C. R.
Joana C. R. 17 kun oldin
@Pan And Scan Buddy ah you right, thanks 😁
Pan And Scan Buddy
Pan And Scan Buddy 17 kun oldin
Football this time, Baseball later..
mel b
mel b 17 kun oldin
Middle Earth T.V.
Middle Earth T.V. 18 kun oldin
Spacemiaou67 18 kun oldin
Still can't get over the fact that Key and Peele skits ended in 2015, but the channel continues to upload compilations and eventually unseen sketches...
Joey San Luis
Joey San Luis Kun oldin
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L. A.
L. A. 2 kun oldin
How did I discover this just now 😭
Anirudh NT
Anirudh NT 9 kun oldin
i didnt know that, we dont have comedy central in my country, i only know the skits from the youtube channel
Johnathan Vazquez
Johnathan Vazquez 18 kun oldin
Did anyone see that he drew a d*ck right next to the refs face
Amber Mcqueen
Amber Mcqueen 18 kun oldin
Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano 18 kun oldin
What a moving speech.
SS MAHONGA 18 kun oldin
2:16 the ref just makes me laugh right here and all the extras in the background 😂😭😭
lovelessissimo 18 kun oldin
Lego Movie was so good.
Marcus Herbold
Marcus Herbold 18 kun oldin
2:35 “HE DID IT!!!” 😂😂😂
Marcus Herbold
Marcus Herbold 15 kun oldin
@Daniel Mbaabu 😂
Daniel Mbaabu
Daniel Mbaabu 15 kun oldin
sleep-drive-play 18 kun oldin
Oh my gawd that last one had me dieing
Peele almost lost it at 7:40 🤣
Voltron Knight
Voltron Knight 9 kun oldin
@ejr01 his character and his composure
Alin Eduard
Alin Eduard 14 kun oldin
Yeaaah, I saw that
ejr01 15 kun oldin
Lost what? He had nothing
Tanya Wade
Tanya Wade 17 kun oldin
And at 4:25 🤣🤣
Aja Dodum
Aja Dodum 18 kun oldin
Wish they also provide "behind the scene" of all theirs masterclass play
A LR 12 kun oldin
Tonya Richards
Tonya Richards 18 kun oldin
All I want is what I don’t need. Fixed it for you.
joelepancho 18 kun oldin
Je parle français. Bonjour le France.
sigher 18 kun oldin
kermit de frog
kermit de frog 18 kun oldin
3:09 that really got bruh
hydrogen 1
hydrogen 1 18 kun oldin
Bis and grav
[ ]
[ ] 18 kun oldin
Man I’ve seen almost every key and peel video 😐
[ ]
[ ] 18 kun oldin
@Pull out The lapel lmao yes I have
Pull out The lapel
Pull out The lapel 18 kun oldin
There’s always one you haven’t seen yet
Charle Normon
Charle Normon 18 kun oldin
NineSix 18 kun oldin
Alex samuel Khosa
Alex samuel Khosa 18 kun oldin
From "yeahh" to "ohhh"
nathaniel gaddy
nathaniel gaddy 18 kun oldin
Also, just make sure that when you do something, you execute it, give it a hundred percent, play by play
nathaniel gaddy
nathaniel gaddy 8 kun oldin
Thanks for the rookies everyone, have a great day. Do your day, play BY play.
Mike FitzGerald
Mike FitzGerald 12 kun oldin
I will execute it
whoop h
whoop h 17 kun oldin
obviously Michael Scott would say the same thing
Arzinio Wolfert
Arzinio Wolfert 17 kun oldin
SGRKing 17 kun oldin
💯 🔥 🙏 😭 🔥 💯
nathaniel gaddy
nathaniel gaddy 18 kun oldin
With every few amazing skits, there are over three thousand skits that are boring, great work though.
Gaius Octavius
Gaius Octavius 18 kun oldin
Ivan valdepena
Ivan valdepena 18 kun oldin
Who else is boerd rn?
S. K. Zuidema
S. K. Zuidema 18 kun oldin
A Key & Peele sketch I haven't watched before? Inconceivable!
S. K. Zuidema
S. K. Zuidema 14 kun oldin
@Schlomo Baconberg It's weird how much you care about this.
Schlomo Baconberg
Schlomo Baconberg 15 kun oldin
@S. K. Zuidema Do not vote. Do not have children.
Schlomo Baconberg
Schlomo Baconberg 15 kun oldin
S. K. Zuidema
S. K. Zuidema 15 kun oldin
@Schlomo Baconberg Lol. I'm not gonna argue with you, man. Google "inconceivable," learn its meaning, and if that doesn't satisfy you, that's on you, to be honest. I know what the word means, I've used it for a long time, my dictionary and Google agree with me. I'm good. You have a nice day, man.
Schlomo Baconberg
Schlomo Baconberg 15 kun oldin
@S. K. Zuidema No. It means what the word means, not what you think it means. Look up the prefix “in.” EDIT: word
g.x Goated
g.x Goated 18 kun oldin
Everybody: "Key, what race are you?" Key: Yes
l n
l n 17 soat oldin
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Schlomo Baconberg
Schlomo Baconberg 12 kun oldin
@Genesis YT Voltaire was a smart guy.
Genesis YT
Genesis YT 12 kun oldin
@Schlomo Baconberg then what is am what is me therefore who is am and where is am
Schlomo Baconberg
Schlomo Baconberg 12 kun oldin
@Genesis YT You think, therefore you think you am.
None 4
None 4 13 kun oldin
@Schlomo Baconberg I care like him ! So ..... !! (:
Camhow1212 18 kun oldin
“Biscuits and gravyyy” 😭😭😭
Hadrien Brissaud
Hadrien Brissaud 13 kun oldin
Can somebody explain what this is and what the joke is ?
Jill Caryl Sarmiento Tamang
Jill Caryl Sarmiento Tamang 15 kun oldin
@Michal S As well as at 8:12 - 8:14 AHAHHAHA
Kasper Christensen
Kasper Christensen 16 kun oldin
Biskiz n gravy!
Michal S
Michal S 17 kun oldin
Lol if you look closely at 7:42- 7:43 you'll see him trying not to laugh
Koen 17 kun oldin
Biscuuuits n gravvvy 😂😂
show it to me babe Code 304
show it to me babe Code 304 18 kun oldin
Nippie R.H.
Nippie R.H. 18 kun oldin
If I lied and said I was the first to comment would u believe me or even care??? Lmmfao😆😆😆😆 but HAPPY APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE !!! 🃏🃏🃏
Launchh 18 kun oldin
happy april fools
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