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These radio hosts are pretty different on and off the mic.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Emily 6 soat oldin
I wonder if radio hosts talk to people once they get home from a day at the studio, like is there anything left in the tank or are dinners with them silent brooding affairs?
Tall Guy
Tall Guy 16 soat oldin
eduardo carreon
eduardo carreon 2 kun oldin
Who’s the girl she looks so familiar ?
A. Patriotic
A. Patriotic 3 kun oldin
That was tense though 😂😂😂
Hoova Groova
Hoova Groova 3 kun oldin
It’s true, meatball
raul yanez cortes
raul yanez cortes 4 kun oldin
This guys saw something we did not know...
TSgt Duck
TSgt Duck 4 kun oldin
As a radio DJ, accurate.
Gaurang R
Gaurang R 4 kun oldin
i don't get it, how can there be so many dislikes. such a funny sketch
JusKay Brown
JusKay Brown 4 kun oldin
SpicySpider 4 kun oldin
NKROKS 5 kun oldin
this reminds me being a customer service over the phone........... getting home all i would need is peace and silence from everyone.......... talking to 100 customers frm 9-5 on a repeated script............ this is reality if only exaugurated for acting lol
J Girl Chill
J Girl Chill 5 kun oldin
John Vic
John Vic 5 kun oldin
*Watching that girl smile for hours, love her teeth*
The_real_paperbag 5 kun oldin
Lmao a dutch show Made the exact same skid one on one even with books 6 months earlyer. Pretto cool.
TheRealBinks 5 kun oldin
Reminds me of breakfast club too much
Airesto 5 kun oldin
I am in the Radio business and can confirm that most of this is true.
Dumisani Nkosi
Dumisani Nkosi 6 kun oldin
0:09 listen carefully
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson 7 kun oldin
Mark Sanusi
Mark Sanusi 7 kun oldin
I swear these individuals are cray cray😂🤩😂🤩
Ty-Ron Morrow
Ty-Ron Morrow 10 kun oldin
i did my internship at a radio station and it's lowkey really like this.
Ty-Ron Morrow
Ty-Ron Morrow 3 kun oldin
@Albert Tatchi Through a college recording art program. The director there linked me with other people.
Albert Tatchi
Albert Tatchi 3 kun oldin
how do you get a internship at a radio station?
Cody 11 kun oldin
me when i have to work with hardcore trump supporters, outdoorsmen, fishermen, hunters and all drive lifted trucks with gadsen stickers while i go home in my bmw and play video games and get mad if its not exactly 72° in the house.
Mary Elizabeth Price
Mary Elizabeth Price 11 kun oldin
kalidas k
kalidas k 11 kun oldin
They never gets old 😂😂😂😂😂
hakan 12 kun oldin
Lil Difernt
Lil Difernt 12 kun oldin
i always try’d to picture what radio hosts looked like
Simone Trafford
Simone Trafford 13 kun oldin
The bitter suggestion hisologically drag because cheese emotionally dare before a brash raincoat. rebel, freezing crate
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 14 kun oldin
Didn't see that coming.
EPrimeify 15 kun oldin
I thought Jordan's character was gonna start crying and say how much that comment hurt his feelings and they would get in a huge screaming match and the second the commercial ends they abruptly stop and get back into their radio persona. What I got was much funnier.
EPrimeify 15 kun oldin
Is that Anjelah Johnson?
Crazy Chick Sheena
Crazy Chick Sheena 16 kun oldin
This is truly how radio 📻 work's 😆 lol morning 🌅 show's lol
Eros Smith
Eros Smith 16 kun oldin
Was he literally just saying meatball 😂
Robert Newkirk
Robert Newkirk 17 kun oldin
"i grew up in the hood dyin'...
Enha Akonjee
Enha Akonjee 18 kun oldin
Bring the outro music back it was so good.
fer prz
fer prz 19 kun oldin
this hits different when you're 30. You need that peace and quiet that building ships in bottles provides.
Lostjoy IX
Lostjoy IX 19 kun oldin
Sway, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee?
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 24 kun oldin
...what!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
oniluka 24 kun oldin
true story
Dongwook Lee
Dongwook Lee 25 kun oldin
now, we call that "professionals"
Malec Adam
Malec Adam 25 kun oldin
Breakfast club idiots
Niklas H
Niklas H 26 kun oldin
Damn, radio hosts do seem different in America
saul rivera
saul rivera 26 kun oldin
Fr, some time ago a local rap radio station had a malfunction and instead of the usual comercials we where hearing what they where talking about off the air, they where literally just talking about golfing the whole time 🤣
OneShot-Berry 27 kun oldin
The real school topologically bathe because hook algorithmically waste behind a messy bush. gorgeous, equal dungeon
Michael 29 kun oldin
I actually thought in the beginning that was them during a break; which would be equally funny, they just can't turn it off.
Expatrocious 29 kun oldin
Harith Syazwan
Harith Syazwan Oy oldin
Even the loudest people, needs quite moments
Pratik Hazari
Pratik Hazari Oy oldin
I thought they would all start having emotional breakdowns like "I'm getting paid to talk shit and be a dumbass on the radio, what am I doing with my life..."
HangOut WithMe
HangOut WithMe Oy oldin
There is nothing worse to me than forced DJ small talk and exaggerated laughter 😖 It’s like, is it a requirement that you be at level 1000 all day? So weird!
vond bee
vond bee Oy oldin
Everyone has 3 mask , the Japanese say 😎
Najee Mitchell
Najee Mitchell Oy oldin
Joey Outdoors
Joey Outdoors Oy oldin
LMAO at Key with the calabash pipe
dontworshippeople Oy oldin
This is me and the teachers in my school, but in reverse.
This Guy
This Guy Oy oldin
TINY NVGS!!,!,!!,
razineatworld Oy oldin
Who is that girl
Cebu Bike Boot Camp
Cebu Bike Boot Camp Oy oldin
I was like this when I worked as a disc jockey, I always have my nintendo ds back then ;)
allovdem Oy oldin
Who's the girl?
Christian Melendres
Christian Melendres Oy oldin
Me on Autopilot.
ChildofGodFirst Oy oldin
I didn't catch the guys name with the red shirt and red hat
edshmedly1 Oy oldin
sweet, 2 minutes of ads for a 1:30 minute video! what a joke UZpost has become.
Yeah right....
Jomar Carpena
Jomar Carpena Oy oldin
As someone who has worked behind the scenes, I can verify that this is true.
Walks With Owl
Walks With Owl Oy oldin
Men of Wealth by John T. Flynn
Keshaun Pierson
Keshaun Pierson Oy oldin
This gives me breakfast club vibes
Deidade Kalondjo
Deidade Kalondjo Oy oldin
Somebody need to make a petition for a key and peele dvd,who's with me?!
AlphaCentauri24 Oy oldin
That girl has such a beautiful smile ❤️
T K Oy oldin
Those 1200 downvotes are either DJs or work in Radio!
Konrad König
Konrad König Oy oldin
The true meaning of SHOW-business is revealed. ;-)
vicente18222 Oy oldin
Key and peele should just stop. They aren’t funny anymore!!!
Tagraff Oy oldin
The wealth of their intermission.
Cardaño Ìsrael
Cardaño Ìsrael Oy oldin
The first part is When the teacher is out, The commercial part when they come back and surprise you without hesitation!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Oy oldin
YES like why they so freakin loud after a song
Music For The Soul
Music For The Soul Oy oldin
This is brilliant
Oj Yes that one
Oj Yes that one Oy oldin
Mr R
Mr R Oy oldin
Finding a new sketch from K&P at 1am
ZeroKool7140 Oy oldin
I bet this is what happens with Sway during commercial breaks.
Anson Chan
Anson Chan Oy oldin
Now let me just imagine this but in reverse for NPR.
Tryzinpew Official
Tryzinpew Official Oy oldin
Frank Oy oldin
0:35 Write it up REAL DOEEEE
Frank Oy oldin
Meatball Meatball
mrgenericbrand Oy oldin
I wouldn't know what these radio retards sound like in the first place because I thankfully don't listen to the genre of noise...errrr..."music" they're representing.
Kelly O'Donnell
Kelly O'Donnell Oy oldin
Brilliant. SNL would have made this sketch go on too long. K&P know when their joke hits the peak.
BeeVlogging Oy oldin
Comedienne Ms Lipps
Comedienne Ms Lipps Oy oldin
We Clatchet 🐐👄🐐👄
Abraham Goodman
Abraham Goodman Oy oldin
Is that you Sway Collaway . Is that you @angiemartinez ?
Juansyah Rey
Juansyah Rey Oy oldin
The sound effect made it 100 times better.
Ken Silva
Ken Silva Oy oldin
Who's the woman She fine af
Rome M
Rome M Oy oldin
"Meatball Meatball Meatball!!"
The reality
King Of The Knight
King Of The Knight Oy oldin
Haha I just got the joke. Its what they're doing during the break. They're all doing something they have a passion for and then get back on the air and act like the way they do...I think. Lol
soulassassin0g Oy oldin
That was the shortest commercial break ever.
Andrea Stonini
Andrea Stonini Oy oldin
Men of Wealth: The Story of Twelve Significant Fortunes from the Renaissance to the Present Day
adrian sears
adrian sears Oy oldin
The breakfast club depicted
Rkane Gaming
Rkane Gaming Oy oldin
Tpain in a nutshell
Jimmy Russels
Jimmy Russels Oy oldin
literally the breakfast club.
A Sajjad
A Sajjad Oy oldin
WTH is she saying at 0:38 ??????????????
Chen Kasher
Chen Kasher Oy oldin
I am old enough to know this is actually a riff off an old MadTV sketch but I can't find it on the Internet. It is a raunchy call-in show like loveline but during the breaks, the MCs start talking about their opera tickets.
KEviNthEMaNiAc433 Oy oldin
Anyone else notice how Key and Peele are able to get the hottest chicks to be in their sketches?
Product Room
Product Room Oy oldin
Never seen this one
Ijneb1248 Oy oldin
They're using the DJ job to fund their true passions
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