Ozamataz Buckshank’s Post-Game Interview - Key & Peele

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Football player Ozamataz Buckshank gives his thoughts on the game.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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YeeSoest 2 kun oldin
These interviews are already funny, esp when you come from a more "creative" sporting background where it's not all choreographed plays being executed (or not). You win at football by seeing their patterns and reading their defense. Why? Because they run ONE or TWO defenses in a game. Similar with basketball, Kobe famously said that. I don't know about rugby or lacrosse but I know that soccer lives and dies by the creativity and improvisational talent of its players... Not gonna judge what's better but the interviews are certainly more insightful in soccer ^^
John Estupido
John Estupido 2 kun oldin
His Jim Rome is on point
Going Bonkers With My Honkers
Going Bonkers With My Honkers 3 kun oldin
Lol that ending
The Loner
The Loner 3 kun oldin
All I care is about 100% excecute!
TheHmongol 5 kun oldin
This why I hate interviews. The post conference are all the same non feeling hurting speeches.
Nick Johnston
Nick Johnston 6 kun oldin
He forgot to rock back and forth like he was in a rowboat.
balopi mothoke
balopi mothoke 6 kun oldin
Key's reaction is priceless.. 😂 😂
J450N 8 kun oldin
execution-wise... execute
Jason Bo Bason
Jason Bo Bason 9 kun oldin
Say it, don't spray it.
Hwanee Hwang
Hwanee Hwang 10 kun oldin
This reminds me of the Russell Westbrook 'execution' post-game interview
john goodwin
john goodwin 10 kun oldin
I love Key & Peele, they are hilarious. But why do they got to be ripping off a Brendan Fraser movie? This exact same skit was taken right out of the movie bedazzled with Brendan Fraser. uzpost.info/vision/video/fJN6pdCNfn1ro5s.html Only it was 110% more hilarious when Brendan Fraser did it 110% there's no I in team, you know it's a team effort and ya want to play good, I think we played pretty good
Black G
Black G 13 kun oldin
😂😂😂 💯
MrSomeRandomGuy2012 13 kun oldin
Reminds me of a Dan Quinn press conference. Just talking in cliches.
DickTruth 14 kun oldin
I always laugh at this. It's also the same with analysts: "Joining us now on the field to discuss that is Corky Molyneaux, Corky?" "Thanks, Bryan, I was talking to Cal State head coach Stu Jizzloader about strategy, and Stu mentioned they've been training all year for this season. Ultimately what we're going to see is the team giving 110%, executing plays, and bringing home the victory, and I think we're going to see that tonight. Bryan, this team does not want to lose this one, they're going to put in their all to make sure their score is the highest one when the clock runs out. Back to you!" Every single time.
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 15 kun oldin
So true to real life.
Maia Palazzo
Maia Palazzo 18 kun oldin
Every contact sports players ever LOL
Deepak D'Souza
Deepak D'Souza 20 kun oldin
I swear this joke almost seems copied from a joke about the Pakistani cricketer Inzamam Ul Haq. Fellow subcontinentals will get the sense of Deja Vu.
Mark Dent
Mark Dent 20 kun oldin
The end part of epic
Manu Vázquez
Manu Vázquez 21 kun oldin
Brother has a concussion there 100%, let him go and let the rest execute some treatment on him. As a team.
Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner 21 kun oldin
Roger Moore
Roger Moore 22 kun oldin
Observational 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jake Wright
Jake Wright 23 kun oldin
Just now really appreciating this show
Platypus 23 kun oldin
Love how every skit where they need a big or small guy, they use the shorter actor lmao
CKY Kimura
CKY Kimura 27 kun oldin
1.17 made me crack so hard, 100%
Nampresto 27 kun oldin
When u feel down ki nd peel is the medicine
woai jyp
woai jyp 28 kun oldin
The outstanding fir pharmacodynamically ban because cake demographically stitch minus a broad dog. uncovered, adventurous bike
Sorry Nshyt
Sorry Nshyt 29 kun oldin
MK Ultra be like:
Kyrillos Dawoud
Kyrillos Dawoud Oy oldin
The flashy copy philly list because wrench connolly sniff qua a stupid output. delirious, upbeat offer
Aleksander Dagsbrö
Aleksander Dagsbrö Oy oldin
Anit it a russel westbrook interview we watchin
Atharva Joshi
Atharva Joshi Oy oldin
Erling Haaland
CaliforniaRoll Oy oldin
i may be wrong, but i think he may be giving 100%
Wilson Martinez
Wilson Martinez Oy oldin
1:12 That "Hundred Percent" Hit Different...
Mr. Cantcatchthis91
Mr. Cantcatchthis91 Oy oldin
Anyone else remember the movie "BEDAZZLED "? This reminds me of it 🤣🤣🤣
I don't know
I don't know Oy oldin
The perfect image of vast majority of professional sportsmen in the whole World.
Abhas Arya
Abhas Arya Oy oldin
russell westbrook interview lol
Jacob Masters
Jacob Masters Oy oldin
Ozamataz Buckshank is punch drunk
Un Down
Un Down Oy oldin
He was fired from basketball team ,for his interview caused a lot of kids to jump of windows ,so now he doesn't want to take risk
KN 313
KN 313 Oy oldin
😂😆😂 lol
Peleg Paz
Peleg Paz Oy oldin
Its the brain injuries
Judo Academy
Judo Academy Oy oldin
How does it feel to be a new dad?: "Stay as a team, execute, give 100%, play by play". That's actually good strategy you're raising a child. :)
carlsong643 Oy oldin
Aritra De
Aritra De Oy oldin
Forrest Gump!
Charlie Tongho
Charlie Tongho Oy oldin
They sound all damn serious and redundant.
Jeremy Sitorus
Jeremy Sitorus Oy oldin
French ancestry?
Tan Tan
Tan Tan Oy oldin
I wonder if he did 2 or 3 pumps after interviewing him. 😁
Jonatan Daniel Ayllon
Jonatan Daniel Ayllon Oy oldin
NFL Glitch ?
sean leong
sean leong Oy oldin
Sakura Cove
Sakura Cove Oy oldin
lmfao i love you guys yall make me so happy
Middle Earth T.V.
Middle Earth T.V. Oy oldin
Professor Penne
Professor Penne Oy oldin
ozamataz is just having vietnam flashbacks from the days his coach was hines
USA Dating African Men & Culture
USA Dating African Men & Culture Oy oldin
Champion Heart
Champion Heart Oy oldin
Sounds like an Ezekiel Elliott interview
Pinataka Man
Pinataka Man Oy oldin
*Majority of all Athletes really knows this*
BushidoCode Oy oldin
H K Oy oldin
This applies to all sports interviews xD
James Stinedurf
James Stinedurf Oy oldin
i like this video 100%
404TRUCKER Oy oldin
lol, Thats every players answer.... Yeah we played good team ball and execute 100%!
Mark Brian Estipona
Mark Brian Estipona Oy oldin
I remember Brendan Frasier in Bedazzled
Erick S
Erick S Oy oldin
I'll be saying excute at 100% all day today ..lmao 🤣
JOE G Oy oldin
Lol this is marshawn Lynch
michael schindlbeck
michael schindlbeck Oy oldin
Do you even know who your momma is? 100%
LIST Oy oldin
Sharad Keshari
Sharad Keshari Oy oldin
Epic sentence by Key: "100% of whatever 100% was"
The name is Buck
The name is Buck Oy oldin
"How was your First night?" "U know, quarter by quarter, EXECUTE,100%"
RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles 2.0
RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles 2.0 Oy oldin
UZpost search "Tyron Woodley black lives matter interview" he would respond the exact thing to all reporters
Gido Oy oldin
I bet they tell football players what they are and are not allowed to say during interview.
Jonathon Matheny
Jonathon Matheny Oy oldin
Reminds me of that Westbrook interview
Ryan Ulrich
Ryan Ulrich Oy oldin
Really not that far off the Bedazzled scene...
James Warfield
James Warfield 2 oy oldin
If football players show their tru selves, the media & social media would crucify them 4 ever. Get it?
Jacob Mikolajewicz
Jacob Mikolajewicz 2 oy oldin
These two never disappoint 😀😂
ficaludak 2 oy oldin
Soccer plays are the same
Need_MO_Pyro 2 oy oldin
Well...when you major in “generalized studies” what do you expect.
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 2 oy oldin
Kids you can fly.... 🦅 go up to the roof.....
Raccoon Studios
Raccoon Studios 2 oy oldin
Where is my guy Davoin Shower-Handel?😫
Blue Rain
Blue Rain 2 oy oldin
Remidns me of Marshawn Lynch saying Yeah to all reporter questions.
KarliN 2 oy oldin
100% on purpose. LOL
Please Do Tell
Please Do Tell 2 oy oldin
Wasn't really funny till that last 💯
Jim Knowlton
Jim Knowlton 2 oy oldin
This is accurate but unfortunately a result of sports punditry using the athletes' words against them instead of supporting them. Ratings, essentially.
Dennis Marzan
Dennis Marzan 2 oy oldin
This is a reference to an actual interview which i cant find-- anyone know?
Drizzy 2 oy oldin
I dare anyone here to look at Peele for any amount of time without dying laughing. I’m a ghost
pyrobryan 2 oy oldin
Reminds me of the interview scene from Bedazzled. Well, you know you go out there and you give 110% and you wanna play good and you hope you play good and I think we played pretty good tonight. uzpost.info/vision/video/b8htrNJ3o5WaZX0.html
Derrick Ofori
Derrick Ofori 2 oy oldin
THIS !!!! WAS TOO GOOD IM CATCHING MY BREATH.. what do you think about a 1 on 1 oh a hundred percent
William Hammann
William Hammann 2 oy oldin
He must use head and shoulders
Marcus Norman
Marcus Norman 2 oy oldin
Nope, that’s not a Stanford guy! 😂 😂
Its Liddel
Its Liddel 2 oy oldin
Damn props to that reporter he executed it and gave it his 100%
The Guy • 1 year and
The Guy • 1 year and 2 oy oldin
TheShaolin015 2 oy oldin
He forgot to thank a deity. 😂😂
Welcome To Rice Field • 15 years and
Welcome To Rice Field • 15 years and 2 oy oldin
This guy execute every last enemy team they faced
SSgreen09 2 oy oldin
This was even funnier when Brenden Fraser did it in Bedazzled !
Damon S
Damon S 2 oy oldin
Spot on. And the dingleberry commentators are totally fine with this crap, lap it up & shuffle platitudes. But gotta stay woke and insert politics into sports. Sports media is a sickening laughing-stock.
Takara Hayashi
Takara Hayashi 2 oy oldin
his coach most likely told him "no matter what he asks, only say this!"
Mark-Anthony J
Mark-Anthony J 2 oy oldin
Those good ol' effective speaking engagement skills.
IC Deadtacos
IC Deadtacos 2 oy oldin
Ricky Bobby spirit lives on lol
specific78 2 oy oldin
this is so true to life. they should never ask players/coaches questions about the game. it is literally the same canned response every time
منظور 2 oy oldin
Say it.. don't spray it!
MLHE I 2 oy oldin
It's the twins. They're not sleeping. He's already changed 100% too many diapers.
Henry Dryden
Henry Dryden 2 oy oldin
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator 2 oy oldin
This is basically all Erling haaland's interviews
Heartsik 2 oy oldin
This one has been done before in the movie Bedazzled.
Kay Lou
Kay Lou 2 oy oldin
Took a page out of the movie Bedazzled basketball interview scene
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