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A guy brings expensive Kobe beef burgers to a barbecue and becomes fixated on making sure they’re cooked correctly.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Sefo Leaumoana
Sefo Leaumoana 3 soat oldin
The way he threw the dog over the fence 😂😂💀💀
Rajan Pariyar
Rajan Pariyar 5 soat oldin
No He Didn’t!
Y0utub3me 15 soat oldin
you ketchup my kobe and ill send you to meet
wilson diep
wilson diep 15 soat oldin
it amazing if he really threw the dog haha
Roy1290 16 soat oldin
I know why it is expensive, but is it really that good or it is super overrated?
Tai Jones
Tai Jones Kun oldin
Not the focus on the crocs😭😭
Dwaipayan Dey
Dwaipayan Dey 2 kun oldin
That's so me.
Benjamin Collins
Benjamin Collins 2 kun oldin
The biggest crime was not toasting the buns. Savages.
cuki-Face 2 kun oldin
I mean the dog did just double in price for some folk. You know who you are.
Hoova Groova
Hoova Groova 2 kun oldin
Well it’s true
Gwenhwyfar Tarot
Gwenhwyfar Tarot 3 kun oldin
The dog 🤣
Shosef Shosef
Shosef Shosef 3 kun oldin
As a japanese, i am overwhelmed by his passion for the beef. I wonder what made him be that way
Andy Cutright
Andy Cutright 3 kun oldin
I thought for sure it was gonna be Kobe Bryant's remains he was broiling :)
Mammon Tustado
Mammon Tustado 3 kun oldin
They're probably high on potenuse when they think of stuff like this
The Asian Theory
The Asian Theory 4 kun oldin
First of all, why you using Kobe for burger patties?
Jack Black
Jack Black 4 kun oldin
You're brain damaged if you make Kobe into burgers.
Smit Patel
Smit Patel 4 kun oldin
Phantom 1
Phantom 1 4 kun oldin
That's how you fool people into cooking for you.
Иля Попов
Иля Попов 4 kun oldin
It's a bit lower than the average.
J Girl Chill
J Girl Chill 4 kun oldin
Kennedy Waweru
Kennedy Waweru 5 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 I totally did not see that coming
Brett Abey
Brett Abey 5 kun oldin
When you bring really good weed to somebody's house
MVP_KZ 6 kun oldin
Wasn't expecting that :)😱😱😱
Sturges 6 kun oldin
This is how all people that eat Kobe are like
Mohd Mazid
Mohd Mazid 6 kun oldin
Did he take my dog 😂 killed me😂😂😂
John 6 kun oldin
if you make pate with kobe beef you do not worth it too xD
EconAtheist 7 kun oldin
1:04 -- everyone at this shitty outdoor concert that I got railroaded into seeing, and that I'm completely ignoring by watching this on my smartphone instead, just turned to look at me as I failed to prevent myself from bursting into audible laughter.
Souper 7 kun oldin
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connor cureton
connor cureton 9 kun oldin
good beef is hard to come by
Rhythmicons 9 kun oldin
Once my cousin poured me a glass of champagne that cost around 1500 bucks. "Here, you'll never have any of this again." Me: [gulp gulp gulp gulp] ahhhhhh" I guess I was supposed to savor it or something.
Will Diggs
Will Diggs 9 kun oldin
You can clearly see he knocked that Burger off his plate for the dog
K33 9 kun oldin
what's also funny is, there is almost no genuine kobe beef in america, its really just "kobe style" which can mean almost anything. its kind of a fraud
Kasper Christensen
Kasper Christensen 10 kun oldin
More like WAZZZAAAAAP!? amirite!?
Semi Veg
Semi Veg 10 kun oldin
OMG this is totally me. I'm such a food snob.
Abe Whitesell
Abe Whitesell 10 kun oldin
The funniest part about this is that Kobe beef burgers don’t even make sense
Kately Williams
Kately Williams 10 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂this nikka threw the 🐶
John Brown
John Brown 10 kun oldin
🤣 how he threw wishbone over the fence
PaVi_01 10 kun oldin
Yea he took your dog
Wokezilla 11 kun oldin
Are these new? I don't remember a bunch of the sketches I've seen on the show.
Tank Tang ke
Tank Tang ke 12 kun oldin
Did he just yoink his dog?
THOMAS PECEL 12 kun oldin
Man... Please. Could you. For all the people.... Please do a Mexican standoff skit. Like a series. Like a numbered series of Mexican standoff skits starting with Mexican standoff number one.
Lurien the Watcher
Lurien the Watcher 12 kun oldin
The meat-eating equivalent of vegans
Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear 12 kun oldin
They're really lean? I don't think so
John Lao
John Lao 12 kun oldin
126 dallors? Uhh yeah dat shit fake, thats american kobe.
OURWEI 12 kun oldin
Let's hope he thinks his lover is worthy of taking his seed -- I don't want to imagine a post-BJ heimlich maneuver.
V 12 kun oldin
"Oh, you just puttin it right next to the frozen patties, yeaa" lmao
KorTrinity 12 kun oldin
Is it a coincidence that Keegan's outfit looks almost identical to that black dude from the "get out of here" scene in the movie Get Out?
Joe Alvarado
Joe Alvarado 13 kun oldin
Anyone want cheese, no! No one wants cheese lol
Surya Jain
Surya Jain 13 kun oldin
You just sugar-rpd my burger😂
Johnny Kool
Johnny Kool 13 kun oldin
He made sure not to leave any of that precious meat behind
Glen Toofas
Glen Toofas 13 kun oldin
That dog so cute
Ty Hollow
Ty Hollow 13 kun oldin
We're not worthy of this level comedy. I almost hurt myself AGAIN laughing so hard at this sh_t! There should be a warning label on these sketches "May actually die laughing".
S H 13 kun oldin
This show could literally last forever
mital shah
mital shah 14 kun oldin
It’s key & peele, oh $hit, I will just lmao because they are key & peele. That’s how Illuminati force feeds us.
D B 13 kun oldin
Shut up lmfao
김준호 14 kun oldin
The real question is why would you make burgers out of kobe beef, the whole point of a burger is that you can control the fat content thats just wasteful
Kuya Arbee
Kuya Arbee 14 kun oldin
1:27 I wonder how many takes they had to do to perfect that! lol
Cypher84X 14 kun oldin
As someone who loves to grill, I know the feeling. My wife wants everything well-done and I can't bring myself to ever grill a high quality steak more than medium rare. She gets the cheap cuts
Tristan Sperry
Tristan Sperry 14 kun oldin
$35 for a lb of Kobe beef 😂
Shawn Green
Shawn Green 14 kun oldin
Mithras - Mittens to YOU
Mithras - Mittens to YOU 14 kun oldin
Not worthy!
Will Ruelas
Will Ruelas 14 kun oldin
These guys are to much
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 14 kun oldin
EW, he ate it!
Michael Jordahl
Michael Jordahl 15 kun oldin
My man Heimlich maneuvered another man then one hand catches it and proceeds to eat it lmaoooo what
Derrick Ross
Derrick Ross 15 kun oldin
Did he just take my dog what about the burgers
john bush
john bush 15 kun oldin
He stole the dog
Imtiaz Ahmed
Imtiaz Ahmed 15 kun oldin
plot twist: he just wanted that cute beast anyway
JayCzzzYa 15 kun oldin
I agree with not cooking low grade burgers on the same grill with prime meat. And also stacking a cheap burger ontop of prime meat is a big no no. But this video was insane. Dude should have kept his meat at home.
JayCzzzYa 15 kun oldin
I was in stitches when he Heimliched the burger out of Jordan...but absolutely died when he tossed the dog over the fence.
Su princípe
Su princípe 15 kun oldin
Its grass fed tho
Saber is love, Saber is life
Saber is love, Saber is life 15 kun oldin
The way he caught that piece after doing the Heimlich maneuver and then eating it is the definition of not wasting it.
J Hyourinmaru
J Hyourinmaru 15 kun oldin
his eyes when he said "alright!" I can't!!!!! XD
Kairo 15 kun oldin
Who else Googled 'Kobe Beef' right after this sketch?
tameika rich
tameika rich 15 kun oldin
Wrong. Kobe is extremely fatty. Cook it on lower heat 🔑
StarChase 4Ever
StarChase 4Ever 15 kun oldin
These dudes use to be hilarious.
Mike Tayon
Mike Tayon 15 kun oldin
The biggest crime is grinding up that meat to begin with! 😳
Richard P
Richard P 15 kun oldin
How’d he cook Em so fast? Lol
Amy Rose
Amy Rose 16 kun oldin
Lmao... I love how they show him wearing all the classic turd looks... crocs, cargo shorts, fedora 🤣
kwaku klaus
kwaku klaus 16 kun oldin
Ya'll not wothy!
Johny Wang
Johny Wang 16 kun oldin
Omakase chief be like
StankBeast 16 kun oldin
How I feel at every BBQ, I learnt that the risk is not worth the anxiety of worrying about how they get cooked and then watching over them like there my children so that only those that I believe are deserving get to eat them.
Ozi Oz
Ozi Oz 16 kun oldin
The way he threw the dog high lol
Robby C
Robby C 17 kun oldin
LMAO, ketchup raped my kobe beef. Key is so aggressive.
Terrie Elma
Terrie Elma 17 kun oldin
vLeBron James
Mashrafi Rahman
Mashrafi Rahman 17 kun oldin
LaDrago Damultus
LaDrago Damultus 17 kun oldin
Diego YosBen
Diego YosBen 17 kun oldin
Kobe beef is so overrated Its just meat
UnNoticed Drone
UnNoticed Drone 17 kun oldin
Mans threw the dog im weak
Raymond Angus
Raymond Angus 18 kun oldin
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Mr.Sceptic 18 kun oldin
1 k dislike from Hindus.
Anarchy 18 kun oldin
Beyond Burger > Kobe Burger
Far East
Far East 18 kun oldin
I work at a residential here in Singapore to be honest, there are someone like this and most of them are foreigners. Especially the councils members which are foreigners. One of them even said i'm living here in Singapore for 15 years. I said i've been living here for a good 30 years now.
mark joe mak
mark joe mak 18 kun oldin
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tartarus216 18 kun oldin
MadMax 18 kun oldin
I’m like that when I bring the good beer to a bbq.
Jersey Jay
Jersey Jay 18 kun oldin
The heimlich though😆😆
J A 18 kun oldin
😂😂😂 when he said this little mother...
Roy Keane
Roy Keane 18 kun oldin
Beef from the Pacific ocean lol
Zerbo Lurbo
Zerbo Lurbo 18 kun oldin
Who doesn’t like their Kobe grilled?
tan min
tan min 18 kun oldin
Key gonna dissect that dog’s stomach to get that last piece of grass fed Kobe beef bit lol
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 18 kun oldin
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