Sven Copony
Sven Copony 15 soat oldin
Go Vegan:)
SUGOHA _ 15 soat oldin
"haven't seen you since 8th grade" yet he acts like they were friend during adulthood, i feel like this ghost was just bullshiting him lol
Mike Dean
Mike Dean 15 soat oldin
The abstracted twist bilaterally license because greece incidentally owe toward a simplistic kimberly. cool, moaning tennis
Sir Gum
Sir Gum 15 soat oldin
imagine after sniffing the coke, hank goes tight.tight..tight.
None of That Matters Bro
None of That Matters Bro 15 soat oldin
more like Family Doesn't Matter
LV5 Mage
LV5 Mage 15 soat oldin
They switch haircuts
nishith 15 soat oldin
Its 1 a.m in my country and found a new skit of key&pele. This is awesome.
Nasir Grey
Nasir Grey 15 soat oldin
Salman Naseer
Salman Naseer 15 soat oldin
... and now every Tom, Leg, and Harry think they can do a good one here in the comment section!
Reedboi1703 15 soat oldin
How I think I flirt vs how I actually flirt
TUV FITNESS 15 soat oldin
It would have been just 10% more funnier had his name tag actually read “Mark With a K” 🤣🤣. Fuck, I should have been a writer.
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 15 soat oldin
ray and mario white dud
Rahul YADAV 15 soat oldin
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins 15 soat oldin
The drawn on shirt ruffles and the fingerless gardening gloves are perfection.
ITAG BBN News 15 soat oldin
More often than not the comment section just recreates what we ALL just watched...and I Like it
Amado Fuentes
Amado Fuentes 15 soat oldin
He free cooked his patty's and took his dog too 😂😂
Robert Claflin
Robert Claflin 15 soat oldin
how tf can Kobe beef be “lean”
Acacio Carvalho
Acacio Carvalho 15 soat oldin
0:46 the way she says "Nnno!" is hilarious
James Frost
James Frost 15 soat oldin
杰森Jasonジェイソン 16 soat oldin
Kobe beef is from Los Angeles whatcha talking about!? 16 soat oldin
He took his doog !
Alexander Conti
Alexander Conti 16 soat oldin
Yeah we could have left this one off youtube.
TriXie Kat
TriXie Kat 16 soat oldin
it hurts
Captain Codebook
Captain Codebook 16 soat oldin
The sad part is most of your karate studios are really like this
Todd Kuchcik
Todd Kuchcik 16 soat oldin
I find this sad
Erica Ferguson
Erica Ferguson 16 soat oldin
What's sad is this is relatable. I went to a teaching interview where the only other person interviewing with me was the former student of the person interviewing me.
Alexnil 16 soat oldin
"hell yeah.. it's all about money brother..." that high key had me dead 😂😂
Just Some YT user
Just Some YT user 16 soat oldin
She is asking a lot from him, poor guy
noego jimmy
noego jimmy 16 soat oldin
Just for curios ones. It's pronounced: "Kaymak and Ayvar". 😂 I can't believe they made this sketch. This must be related to the true experience and of course exaggerated. Key and Peel are nuts. Gotta love their work.
Marie Torres
Marie Torres 16 soat oldin
"old habits die hard" LOL
REBEL TIME 16 soat oldin
"you are not worthy👀👈" 😂😂😂
Lesego Mabe
Lesego Mabe 16 soat oldin
@Guga Foods should see this 😂😂😂
Malcolm Andrews
Malcolm Andrews 16 soat oldin
Grass fed coby beef😁😁
Donnie Azoff
Donnie Azoff 16 soat oldin
Is that cory booker?
Colton Burge
Colton Burge 16 soat oldin
I'm just driving down the road and I randomly think of this skit and had to look it up. Its just as good as I remember. Plus you can't just watch it once.
ISRA ABRAR 16 soat oldin
This was the most relatable video
Ceno 16 soat oldin
I slap you and you want me to hit you on the other cheek? That ain't gangsta!
Jonah Bowen
Jonah Bowen 16 soat oldin
dude got a point tho
Luke Machadon
Luke Machadon 16 soat oldin
Party Down
anon123 16 soat oldin
this is the same apartment as the one in the joker movie
James Frost
James Frost 16 soat oldin
This skit is hilarious.
Lioness Es
Lioness Es 16 soat oldin
I wonder what Chazz Palminteri thought when he saw this? 😹
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 16 soat oldin
Heimlich for the right reason
Ricardo Caiano
Ricardo Caiano 16 soat oldin
Say what you will, but that party got lit
jon mikels
jon mikels 16 soat oldin
The smelly input hemperly march because cord obviously curl beside a icky chime. groovy, wise insulation
Mood Tho
Mood Tho 16 soat oldin
That’s what you call an alegtion
Gloria Alosio
Gloria Alosio 16 soat oldin
I lost it when he said Foghorn D**khorn. 😂
Erga Ster
Erga Ster 16 soat oldin
I remember when dubsteb was relevant. It was a dark dark time in our history...
109reaper 16 soat oldin
"What are your thoughts on Communism and Christianity?" "Watership Down"
Abir 16 soat oldin
kobe beef eating dudes are actually very precise with their meat ... well that came out wrong
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny 16 soat oldin
So this is how spawn from image comic came to be.
hotman718 16 soat oldin
lmao he yeeted that dog over the fence
Phil Jon
Phil Jon 16 soat oldin
The "No!" at the end voice was funny. 😅
chan 16 soat oldin
5 mins clip but it gives the sense of full movie
sim672 16 soat oldin
lmfao these guys are the best!
Abdullah Qumper
Abdullah Qumper 16 soat oldin
I want to see a police movie together, and they go undercover...
Matthew Kauffman
Matthew Kauffman 16 soat oldin
Anyone seen the LATJ vid where Jimmy says ‘you gotta be yanking my dick off’?
beebo 16 soat oldin
freesh ingredants
JOE PISHION 16 soat oldin
This is How everyone will be flying after covid19..
F34R 16 soat oldin
Aw they deleted comments
Hobbes Caltous
Hobbes Caltous 16 soat oldin
you can't grind kobe beef. it's too soft.
NotAfraidOfLeftist 16 soat oldin
If you don’t laugh at this you’re dead inside
Janrey V
Janrey V 16 soat oldin
The fact that levi is more concerned about his dog got me
vasu sharma
vasu sharma 16 soat oldin
what is that music in the end?? Is there any link for it
Nicolas Deso
Nicolas Deso 16 soat oldin
"Yall ain't worthy!" 😅
Kaam Ki Baat
Kaam Ki Baat 16 soat oldin
Who’s that, Tyrone? Ooh no that’s.. that’s an actual rat
Jax 16 soat oldin
Another new [email protected]!
TriggerCurtis 16 soat oldin
This Video-Description is the best one i have seen in a loooong time.
chan 16 soat oldin
The son of my Bitches over there 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chian 16 soat oldin
First mistake was to grind up that good beef into a burger.
Stitchlippd 626
Stitchlippd 626 16 soat oldin
when you eat the last piece of bread
TheHappyKamper 16 soat oldin
Man, Key looks exactly like Redfoo
Will Thach
Will Thach 16 soat oldin
Can i just say how i love that the comments arnt political. 🇺🇲
jojojorisjhjosef 16 soat oldin
appropriate response. Look up the price on those burgers.
Thomas Michael
Thomas Michael 16 soat oldin
Leg Tracy 🤣
Zaddy XYborg
Zaddy XYborg 16 soat oldin
The biggest issue with this sketch. Hits a little too close to home. THATS 35$ A POUND GRASSFEED KOBE BEEF MY DUDE WTF YOU GRILLIN FOR SOUS VIDE MY DUDE SOUS VIDE.
Big Faxxx
Big Faxxx 16 soat oldin
This but instead of chairs its condoms
Leandro Napoli
Leandro Napoli 16 soat oldin
why the mass effect music? why?
hennic13 16 soat oldin
This is legit one of the best sketches ever by K&P! Top5.....*is it warm in here???*
hakichiki 16 soat oldin
#FromHippocraticOathToHypocriticalOathBreaking: First, Do some harm...